Coordinación de Lenguas Extrajeras

  1. Bring an identification assigned from your school, local voting ID or any other official ID, with photo.
  2. Bring your prove payment receipt.
  3. Bring a pencil, pen and an eraser
  4. Use of jackets, cell phone or any other electronic devices is prohibited.
  5. Leave your belongings (backpack, school bag, etc) at the front of the classroom and you will pick them up at the end of the test.
  6. It´s not allowed speaking or making loud noises during the test that might disturb others.
  7. It’s not allowed using dictionaries during the test.
  8. The limit of time for the test will be written on the board.
  9. If you have a doubt during the test, raise your hand so that a juror can come up to help you.
  10. The jurors will announce fifteen minutes before the time the test ends.CENTRO DE IDIOMAS DEL ITSU.

ITSU Tel: (452) 52-7-50-50 ext. 201 Tel. oficina: (452) 50-3-50-01

* “ Recuerda realizar tu trámite a tiempo ”.


L.E.I. Ma. Azucena Mora Rivas

Coordinación de Lenguas Extranjeras del ITSU

Tel: (452) 52-7-50-50  ext. 201 Tel. oficina: (452) 50-3-50-01

e-mail: azucenamora@tecuruapan.edu.mx

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